Three students from the Faubert Laboratory won scholarships awarded by the Réseau de Recherche en Sécurité Routière

Congratulations to Jesse Michaels, Romain Chaumillon et Sergio Mejia Romero, recipients of the 2017-2018 Student Supplements Scholarship Competition, for the following projects :

Jesse Michaels : Effets d’un entraînement des habiletés perceptivo-cognitives sur les capacités de conduite automobile

Romain Chaumillon : Au-delà d’une bonne vision : influence de la qualité de l’information visuelle sur les mécanismes de réallocation attentionnelle au cours de la conduite automobile

Sergio Mejia Romero : Real visual cone analysis in driver’s for the evaluation of perception strategies in driving simulators

Graduate studies opportunities

Faubert Lab is looking for graduate students with programming skills and experience in machine learning and/or deep learning.

If you are interested in:

– Eye Tracking

– Electroencephalography (EEG)

– Brain-Computer Interfaces

– Perception, Attention and Visual Working Memory

– Classification of Cognitive and Affective states

check out these opportunities:




Vanessa Harrar received the Award of Excellence – Poster Presentation category for her presentation entitled: « Audio-visual multiple object tracking » at the 23rd Vision Health Research Network Annual Meeting, November 7, 2017

Audio-visual multiple object tracking
Vanessa Harrar1,2, Eugenie Roudaia1,2 and Jocelyn Faubert1,2
  1. Visual Psychophysics and Perception Laboratory, School of Optometry, University of Montreal, Montreal, QC, Canada
  2. NSERC-Essilor Industrial Research Chair, Montreal, QC, Canada
The ability to track objects as they move is critical for successful interaction with objects in the world. The multiple object tracking (MOT) paradigm has demonstrated that, within limits, our visual attention capacity allows us to track multiple moving objects among distracters. Very little is known about dynamic auditory attention and the role of multisensory binding in attentional tracking. Here, we examined whether dynamic sounds congruent with visual targets could facilitate tracking in a 3D-MOT task. Participants tracked one or multiple target-spheres among identical distractor-spheres during 8 seconds of movement in a virtual cube. In the visual condition, targets were identified with a brief colour change, but were then indistinguishable from the distractors during the movement. In the audio-visual condition, the target-spheres were accompanied by a sound, which moved congruently with the change in the target’s position. Sound amplitude varied with distance from the observer and inter-aural amplitude difference varied with azimuth. Preliminary results with one target showed that performance was better in the audiovisual condition, which suggests that congruent sounds can facilitate attentional visual tracking. However, with multiple targets, the sounds did not facilitate tracking. This suggests that audiovisual binding may not be possible when attention is divided between multiple targets.

Virtual reality and augmented reality: leading-edge technologies driving innovation in Montréal

Ville de Montréal has developed strategic intelligence solution, called Innovation Development MTL in order to support and promote the city’s expertise in a number of leading-edge sectors. In its bulletin on virtual reality, published November 3, 2017, they talk about the laboratory and its research projects.

New publication in Journal of Vision

Eugenie Roudaia, Jocelyn Faubert (2017)

Different effects of aging and gender on the temporal resolution in attentional tracking


Journal de Montreal talks about Neurotracker

The paper presents a clinical trial currently being led to assess whether the Neurotracker can help the brain to recover from a concussion.

« Hacker » and Ph.d Student !

Yannick Roy, Ph.D student at Visual Perception and Psychophysics Laboratory has the place of honour this month.

Discover his presentation in the newspaper of the University of Montreal:

And listen to his interview with Radio-Canada for the program on 15-18: