Yannick at Movin’On Summit

Earlier this summer, Yannick Roy a PhD student in Faubert Lab, was invited to attend the Movin’On Summit with a special pass to access all sessions and to then participate to a panel, a podcast and write a column in a book, telling his opinion on the Future Technologies for Sustainable Mobility.

He attended various sessions on Artificial Intelligence (AI), Drones, Self-Driving Cars, Carless Cities, Electrics Cars, Last-Mile Delivery, etc.

« I walk away from the Summit with a new appreciation of the hard problem of transitioning into the beautiful future we envision. Our current cities sit on decades of small and major iterations giving us the infrastructure we have today. As electric cars, self-driving cars and drones have been knocking at the door for a couple of years, one could ask: « what’s missing to see them everywhere? ». Infrastructure and legislation are clearly two major factors. » – Yannick Roy

Here is his closing remark.

Thanks to Michelin for this great opportunity.