How do you "Revolutionize Pilot Training" for the US Air Force?

The U.S. Air Force is short 2,000 pilots and needs to train new aviators faster but with the same quality. To do this, the USAF has committed to revolutionizing pilot [...]

"If you’re going to lift a weight with your arm in the gym, why wouldn’t you go work your brain out with your eyes?"

It’s no secret that the Washington Capitals won the 2017-2018 Stanley Cup. Alexander Ovechkin made sure that the whole world would know they won, after all those years being eliminated [...]

How is LeBron James always one move ahead? Let’s ask the scientists.

On May 18th (2018), Sally Jenkins posted an article on The Washington Post about LeBron James’ ability to read the game. They interviewed Prof. Jocelyn Faubert to know if he was [...]

The Laboratory

Use your mouse or move your tablet or your smartphone to discover the laboratory in immersion, through this 360 degree video

Located at Université de Montréal’s school of optometry (École d’optométrie), the laboratory is directed by Jocelyn Faubert, who holds an NSERC/Essilor Industrial Research Chair on visual function

Using a multidisciplinary approach, various aspects of visual perception and sensation are assessed. These include perceptual-cognitive training in sports for athletes, training for the elderly, and multisensory integration with stochastic resonance.

The laboratory in the media