New article in Transportation Research Part F: Traffic Psychology and Behaviour

Romain Chaumillon, Thomas Romeas,Charles Paillard, Delphine Bernardin, Guillaume Giraudet, Jean-François Bouchard, Jocelyn Faubert (2017) The use of transdermal scopolamine to solve methodological issues raised by gender differences in susceptibility to [...]

Jocelyn Faubert on the front page of the New York Times

The New York Times : Keep Your Eye on the Balls to Become a Better Athlete.

« Hacker » and Ph.d Student !

Yannick Roy, Ph.D student at Visual Perception and Psychophysics Laboratory has the place of honour this month. Discover his presentation in the newspaper of the University of Montreal: And listen [...]

The Laboratory

Located at Université de Montréal’s school of optometry (École d’optométrie), the laboratory is directed by Jocelyn Faubert, who holds an NSERC/Essilor Industrial Research Chair on visual function

Using a multidisciplinary approach, various aspects of visual perception and sensation are assessed. These include perceptual-cognitive training in sports for athletes, training for the elderly, and multisensory integration with stochastic resonance.

The laboratory in the media