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Titre Périodique Auteurs Date PDF URL Catégorie(s)
Above and beyond driving abilities: toward a single index Points de vue Chaumillon Romain, Bernardin Delphine, Michaels Jesse, Faubert Jocelyn 2018 lien pdf Conduite automobile
Three-dimensional multiple object tracking in the pediatric population: the NeuroTracker and its promising role in the management of mild traumatic brain injury NeuroReport Corbin-Berrigan, Laurie-Anna; Kowalski, Kristina; Faubert, Jocelyn; Christie, Briane; Gagnon, Isabelle 2018 lien pdf Apprentissage perceptivo-cognitif
Perceptual-cognitive training
Interaction between the oculomotor and postural systems during a dual-task: Compensatory reductions in head sway following visually-induced postural perturbations promote the production of accurate double-step saccades in standing human adults Plos one Mathieu Boulanger , Guillaume Giraudet ; Faubert, Jocelyn 2017 lien pdf lien pdf Équilibre postural
The use of transdermal scopolamine to solve methodological issues raised by gender differences in susceptibility to simulator sickness Transportation Research Part F: Traffic Psychology and Behaviour Chaumillon, Romain; Romeas, Thomas; Paillarda, Charles; Bernardin, Delphine; Giraudet, Guillaume; Bouchard, Jean-François; Faubert, Jocelyn 2017 lien pdf Conduite automobile
Materials for down conversion in solar cells : perspectives and challenges Solar Energy Mat. and Solar Cells De la Mora, M.B.; Amelines-Sarria, O.; Monroy, B.M; Hernández-Pérez, C.D; Lugo, Eduardo 2017 Photonique
Enhancing data visualisation to capture the simulator sickness phenomenon: On the usefulness of radar charts Elsevier - Journal Data in Brief Chaumillon, Romain; Romeas, Thomas; Paillard, Charles; Bernardin, Delphine; Giraudet, Guillaume; Bouchard Jean-François; Faubert, Jocelyn 2017 lien pdf lien pdf Conduite automobile
Task and exposure time modulate laterality of spatial frequency for faces Psychology & Neuroscience De Moraes Jr., R; Faubert, J; Vasques, R; Cravo, A; Fukusima, S 2017 lien pdf
Different effects of aging and gender on the temporal resolution in attentional tracking Journal of Vision Roudaia, Eugenie; Faubert, Jocleyn 2017 lien pdf lien pdf Apprentissage perceptivo-cognitif
Perceptual-cognitive training
Spatial and temporal vision
Vision spatiale et temporelle
Pedestrian modeling using the least action principle with sequences obtained from thermal cameras in a real life scenario International Journal of Computer Information Systems and Industrial Management Applications. Mejia-Romero, Sergio ; Lugo, Eduardo ; Doti, Rafael; Faubert, Jocelyn 2017 lien pdf Motion Perception
Perception du mouvement
Driving simulator scenarios and measures to faithfully evaluate risky driving behavior: A comparative study of different driver age groups PLOS ONE Michaels, Jocelyn ; Chaumillon, Romain ; Nguyen-Tri, David, Watanabe, D; Hirsch, P; Bellavance, F; Giraudet, G; Bernardin, D; Faubert, J 2017 lien pdf lien pdf Conduite automobile
Perceptual-Cognitive & Physiological Assessment of Training Effectiveness Interservice/Industry Training, Simulation, and Education Conference (I/ITSEC) 2017 Hoke, Jaclyn; Reuter, Christopher; Romeas, Thomas; Montariol, Maxime ; Schnell, Thomas; Faubert, Jocelyn 2017 Apprentissage perceptivo-cognitif
Perceptual-cognitive training
Effect of age and stereopsis on a multiple-object tracking task PloS ONE Plourde, Marjolaine ; Corbeil, Marie-Ève ; Faubert, Jocelyn 2017 lien pdf lien pdf Older adults
Perception visuelle
Personnes âgées
Visual perception
The role of feature tracking in the furrow illusion Frontiers in human neuroscience Allard, Rémy; Faubert, Jocleyn 2016 lien pdf Perception du mouvement
Perception visuelle
Myopes show greater visually induced postural responses than emmetropes Investigative ophtalmology & visual science Sayah, Diane; Asaad, Kristin; Hanssens, Jean-Marie; Giraudet, Guillaume; Faubert, Jocleyn 2016 lien pdf Équilibre postural
Theoretical and experimental study of electromagnetic forces in photonic crystals with defects Photonics North, Proceesings of IEEE Sanchez Castro, Noemie; Palomino Ovando, M-A; Lugo, J.E; Doti Rafael; Faubert, Jocelyn 2016 lien pdf Photonique