How do you « Revolutionize Pilot Training » for the US Air Force?

The U.S. Air Force is short 2,000 pilots and needs to train new aviators faster but with the same quality. To do this, the USAF has committed to revolutionizing pilot training with the launch of the “Pilot Training Next” (PTN) initiative.

The AFWERX Innovation Challenge for PTN received almost150 proposals from leading companies around the world. Sixteen were selected as finalists to compete in the solution showcase shootout in Austin, TX with the award going to five companies. NAI and their flagship product, NeuroTracker was selected based on its scientific validation of cognitive assessment and performance.

NeuroTracker is a world leading cognitive assessment, training and rehabilitation platform in use by Special Operations Forces (SOF) across the world to improve focus, situational awareness, predictive agility and decision-making under pressure.

Former Air Force T-38 Instructor Pilot and NAI Advisory Board Member, Bob O’Malley commented on the initiative explaining:

“I am impressed by the approach taken by the US Air Force and SAIC with its Pilot Training Next initiative. Involving commercially available technologies and techniques to innovate its pilot training program is aggressive, but timely. Employing tools like NeuroTracker will improve pilot cognitive skills allowing the Air Force to produce pilots faster and better”

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