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The Influence of the External Signal Modulation Waveform and Frequency on the Performance of a Photonic Forced Oscillator – Noemi Sánchez-Castro, Martha Alicia Palomino-Ovando, Denise Estrada-Wiese, Nydia Xcaret Valladares, Jesus Antonio del Río, Maria Beatriz de la Mora, Rafael Doti, Jocelyn Faubert and Jesus Eduardo Lugo

Three-dimensional multiple object tracking in the pediatric population: the NeuroTracker and its promising role in the management of mild traumatic brain injury – Laurie-Ann Corbin-Berrigan,  Kristina Kowalski,  Jocelyn Faubert,  Brian Christie , Isabelle Gagnon

Above and beyond driving abilities: toward a single index – Romain Chaumillon, Delphine Bernardin, Jesse Michaels, Jocelyn Faubert

Training with a three-dimensional multiple object-tracking (3D-MOT) paradigm improves attention in students with a neurodevelopmental condition: a randomized controlled trial – D. Tullo, J. Guy, J. Faubert, A. Bertone