Postural stability

Postural control is a process that involves three systems: visual, vestibular and somatosensory. Postural stability is essential in order to accurately perform an action. Our research focuses on the mechanisms involved in its disruption, whether related to ageing, trauma or neurological pathologies,…

Past and ongoing projects

  • Perception du mouvement et vieillissement : aspects psychophysiques et potentiels évoqués visuels
  • Déficits de perception visuelle chez les enfants suite à un traumatisme crânio-cérébral léger: psychophysique, électrophysiologie et impact sur la stabilité posturale


Example of an experiment done in a virtual reality simulator (CAVE) where the stimulus used was a black and white checkered pattern tunnel describing a sinusoidal translation from front to back, allowing to obtain an optical flow.