Perceptual-cognitive training

The laboratory has developed a perceptual-cognitive training system called Neurotracker which is now distributed by the Canadian company, CogniSens Athletics Inc. The exercise immerses the user in a virtual 3D environment, where he follows the movement of target objects.

This system allows to improve the capacity of attention and to develop executive functions by answering 4 requirements:

1. have a dynamic and strategic component, related to the choice of organization and manipulation of the game;

2. solicit an important visual field space;

3. use a 3-dimensional environment;

4. vary the speed of movement of target objects in order to establish performance levels.

Past and ongoing projects

  • Évaluation des phénomènes de transfert des acquis suite à un entraînement perceptivo-cognitif dans le cadre du vieillissement
  • Mesures en laboratoire et sur le terrain du transfert des acquis lors d’un entraînement perceptivo-cognitif chez des athlètes de haut-niveau.
  • Entrainement perceptivo-cognitif dans la maladie de Parkinson : les impacts sur les fonctions cognitives, la mobilité et la qualité de vie